Disrupting Big Data: Jaspersoft Brings BI to AWS

Business intelligence software developer Jaspersoft launched its flagship solution on Amazon Web Services this week.

The company’s BI server is available via the AWS Marketplace as a standalone app, or as an embedded solution that runs inside another application on-demand. Users of the latter service are billed hourly instead of monthly, and are not subject to data limitations; the number of seats is unlimited as well.

Jaspersoft pricing for AWS starts at $0.4 an hour, plus what Amazon charges you for your EC2 deployment.

“This is about market disruption,” said Karl Van den Bergh, Jaspersoft Vice President of Product and Alliances. ”We are going after the petabytes of data in the cloud that have not yet been tapped for insight because current BI offerings are too expensive and too restrictive. With this new BI service, we are allowing millions of developers and IT professionals to easily and cost-effectively power the intelligence inside their cloud applications.”

The cloud is a huge focus for Jaspersoft.  Last month the firm announced that its BI engine is powering NetDimensions Analytics, a software-as-a-service solution that helps enterprises manage their human resources more effectively. The solution taps into Jaspersoft’s visualization technology to display metrics in a format that managers can easily understand, and translate into action-oriented decisions.

In November the company rolled out the latest version of its flagship offering. The biggest improvement introduced with version 5 was the addition of native support for HTML5 dashboards – the ability to access data stored in Jaspersoft from any device capable of running a modern browser.

In addition to better cloud support V5 features improved integration with third party database systems, more end user customization users, and a lot of backend improvements and bug fixes.