It Looks Like this Java Patch 7u11 Will Need to be Patched – OOPS


It’s been just over a month since Oracle released their latest update for Java.  The updates were needed to cover a very public and very ugly giant vulnerability.  Recall that it was just before that time that there was continued advice and calls to disable and even uninstall Java on your systems.  As it turns out, one of the components, an exploit code for Patch 7u11 turned up on Pastebin about 13 hours ago.  The code has been accessed close to 3500 times at this time.  If it’s on Pastebin, then who knows how long this has been out in the wild.

tsk. tsk.

The good news is that Oracle did quickly deploy that last update and perhaps we’ll see a rapid response to this exploit.  Clearly Java is something that has been under attack for a while and there are some very serious security fears by many people in the industry at least on the client side.  The guys over at DotTech responsible for that great image predicted that there were issues with the patch last month.

If you haven’t disabled or removed Java on your systems thus far, it might be a good time to do that.