New + Modern Yahoo! Spotlights Mayer’s Vision for Consumer Services

Yahoo’s undergone countless makeovers these past few years, bouncing from one CEO to another.  And just when it seemed all hope was lost, the famed Marissa Mayer who made a name for herself during a tenure with Google, brought new leadership and vision to a dying brand.

Recent weeks have brought regular updates on Mayer’s plans with Yahoo, spanning mobile content distribution consumer services, but today Mayer marks a new beginning for Yahoo.  Returning to its roots, Yahoo introduced a fresh face this morning with the goal of becoming your gateway to the web once again.

“Yahoo! first began as Jerry and Dave’s Guide to the World Wide Web, a directory of links created to help organize the Internet during its very early days,” Mayer wrote on her official blog post. That simple directory evolved through the years into the Yahoo! we know today — a starting point for your daily habits. Whether checking the latest news, sports scores, or just searching, Yahoo! has always been about bringing you the very best of the web. And, today, we’re introducing a new, more modern experience to do just that.”

Yahoo users can now login by using either their Yahoo ID or with their Facebook ID to access content from thousands of news sources.   A new newsfeed with infinite scroll will also be introduced so you can experience “a virtually endless feed of news articles.”  The newsfeed can be personalized to show only your interests.

New applications will also be introduced, such as local weather forecast, and Facebook friend’s birthday, so you’ll always be on top of the things you care about.  The Yahoo! editorial features and the daily snapshot into popular trending web searches have also been refreshed.

The new Yahoo is said to be faster because of some “under-the-hood improvements,” plus it has been tweaked to work well on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
U.S. Yahoo users will be the first to experience the new Yahoo over the next few days.  Mayer also promises to deliver more changes and improvements in the coming months.

An ongoing reformation


Last December, Yahoo introduced a simpler and smoother look and a cleaner interface to its email products as a first step in modernizing Yahoo.  Click here for SiliconANGLE contributing editor John Casaretto’s full analysis the early redesign.

Though rumors pointed to a Yahoo-Facebook search engine to combat Google, it looks like the collaboration between the two is more social, as evidenced by the new Yahoo experience just announced.  Click here for SiliconANGLE Founding Editor Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins’ full analysis on the team up.

Many were doubtful of Mayer’s appointment as Yahoo’s CEO but SiliconANGLE founder and CEO John Furrier was one of those who believed that she is right for the job.  Mayer has done well in Google and it’s highly unlikely that she will let Yahoo’s boat continue to sink.  Months after her appointment, Yahoo is still alive and seems to be recovering.  Though nothing major has happened, its path to modernization seems to be paying off.  Click here for John Furrier’s complete analysis on Mayer’s new role and his ideas on the direction Yahoo should take.