O Sony Playstation 4, Where Art Thou?


As promised Sony announced the Playstation 4 today, their next generation game console.  There were details galore and a real good look at the controllers.  Then we got to see the console itself in all its design glory.  Wait.  I don’t seem to remember seeing it.  Did anyone see it?  Maybe “make. believe” is “make believe” -as in we will have to make believe this wasn’t a low-grade stunt.

I watched the whole thing, I scoured through the miscellaneous coverage that was out there, and nope – not one picture or hint of what it looks like.  Surprised?  I was.  Just what is Sony doing here?  I’m not sure if this is some sort of marketing ploy or they are protecting their final design or maybe they don’t even have one.  One thing I do know for sure is that this is very bizarre.

Leading up to this, as Sony has enjoyed the position as arguably the top console worldwide by a fair margin, there were plenty of people anticipating this hyped event.  After this – let’s face it– disappointing turn of events, it seems they have either screwed this up by not having the console ready to show or just maybe somehow this will somehow create more anticipation – I just don’t know, it just might turn into some kind of running joke.  Enthusiasts and journalists don’t like getting played like this and I just have to wonder where this will lead.  I’ve officially lost interest at this point.  Sony I want my two hours back.