PlayStation 4: the Rumors, the Speculation, and the Hype


Here we are! Later today almost all doubts about the mysterious presentation of PlayStation 4 will be stripped of for all. And then hours before the start of the conference, there comes a heavy rumor from Kotaku, which said it had learned from a reliable source (the same one that revealed the code names of the new console) that PlayStation 4 will be launched in United States in November in two different models, which cost $429 and $529.

In addition to the release date, of course, there is talk that the new PlayStation will be able to be controlled via smartphone or tablet, somewhat already the case with Xbox Smart Glass. These devices can be used for up to chat with friends, or to make purchases at PlayStation Store away from home.

Fans of the gaming console are betting that the Japanese company will even brighten the world by the revelation of the PlayStation 4, or Orbis, as is being called the unofficial way. The final question is whether the company will present a new generation of more advanced video gaming console. Here are some lights on all the leaked rumors in recent times.

Cloud Gaming

The new console should make use of cloud technologies to bring together the various users during the hours of play. A decision, if confirmed, would not surprise much. The Japanese group has indeed put its hands in Gaikai, the game streaming service acquired last summer.

The objective is most likely to take advantage of the technology to provide a new experience for those who choose PS4. It was confirmed by some domain names registered on February 15 and made payable to the company with an explicit reference to PlayStation Cloud brand name:,,, and

The new dashboard console should allow their friends to see in real time as you’re playing even if they have available for your game.

Internal Core

On PlayStation, rumors say that it will rely on AMD64 processor, which has eight cores at 1.6 GHz as well as 8 GB of RAM. If this information is true, Sony will put aside all the architecture used in the Cell, who came up with the brand partnership with IBM, and was used in the PlayStation 3.

It will be supported by GPU based on AMD’s “R10XX” (Southern Islands) architecture, DirectX 11.1+ feature set, 18 Compute Units (CUs), Shared 512KB of read/write L2 cache, Dual shader engines, and High speed Blu-ray drive (single-layer 25GB or dual-layer 50GB discs)

The PlayStation 4 may no longer be compatible with some games that are from previous generations, as report by Wall Street Journal. One of the representatives of the EA brand even got to ensure this rumor, claiming that it will not be possible to play earlier version of games in PS4.

The new control

The last few weeks have just been filled with images of how the controls would be in the next generation of PS4. Everything indicates that the design will be very similar. However the indications are that there will be some change to include controls sensitive to touch. One image shows a subtle redesign of the DualShock 3 with the L2 and R2 buttons curved inwards and possibly a touchpad running across the top.

New Games

A video released only yesterday by Sony showcases the Evolution of PlayStation, and all rumors are heading to New York City for the PlayStation Meeting, including Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Technical Director for Square Enix. Another likely contender is Sony’s stunning-looking PS3 project The Last Guardian.

In third-party games, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, Bungie’s Destiny and LucasArts’ Star Wars 1313 are front runners along with new entries in established franchises such as Battlefield 4 and Rocksteady’s Batman series.


According to Japanese and United Kingdom newspaper reports, $400+ would be the price of PS4. Rumors also hinted that Sony is reportedly waiting for Microsoft to reveal the Xbox 720 before deciding on a price.

PlayStation World

Rumor has it that Sony may replace PS3’s online services – PS Plus and PSN for PlayStation 4 with PlayStation World, the one complete package that gamers will have to pay for.

Without a doubt, Sony is likely to continue to use PlayStation Move and augmented reality gaming. Rumor is that Sony might introduced brand spanking new camera instead of the pretty wired PlayStation Eye camera.

Tonight, finally, we will see if all these things will be confirmed, in part, or none. And you, what hope are there?