FCC to Allocate Additional Wi-Fi Spectrum

In a vote on Wednesday, the Federal communications commission moved forward with a plan to reserve additional frequencies for Wi-fi devices, an effort to reduce congestion in high traffic areas such as airports, hotels and the like.  It also intends to increase capacities in homes, which often have many devices in use.

The change would mean freeing up an additional 195 megahertz of spectrum, which according to the FCC, would increase the available Wi-Fi spectrum in the 5 GHz band by 35 percent.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski touted the plan in saying, “Today, the FCC takes a big step to ease congestion on traditional Wi-Fi networks, which will mean faster speeds and fewer headaches for U.S. consumers.”

However, the spectrum is already in use by some commercial and governmental entities, and the chairman admits that consultation will be necessary to avoid interference issues, but assures that such consultation “Can’t be an excuse for inaction or delay.”

The commission will take public comments before continuing with the measure.