Here’s the Biggest Revenue Makers in Big Data

Big Data’s been a big buzz word in recent months, but according to a recent report, it’s worth the hype.  Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly discussed his research firm’s newest report, the Big Data Revenue and Market Forecast, on this morning’s NewsDesk segment with Kristin Feledy, sharing the motivations behind the study and summing up his team’s findings.

Kelly says that Wikibon set out to estimate the size of the Big Data space because no one else has done it before, and because they believed a vendor-by-vendor revenue breakdown can prove beneficial for both vendors and practitioners.

The analyst says that from the vendor point of view, it is highly advantageous to see how the competition is doing. The same information can be leveraged by practitioners to identify firms that are gaining traction in the industry, and contract the best provider to help them with their big data initiative.

Wikibon estimates that in total, big data vendors raked in $11.4 billion last year. That’s up 59 percent from the $7.1 billion in revenue that the industry generated in 2011, and ahead of the $10.6 billion that Wikibon forecasted.

Kelly breaks down the numbers and tells us who did well, and who fell behind in 2012.

IBM was by far the largest Big Data vendor by revenue in 2012. The company’s analytics business brought home $1.3 billion in revenue, twice as much as the nearest competitor, Hewlett-Packard.  Teradata, considered the Microsoft of the data warehousing market, was number three on the list. The Hadoop/NoSQL sub-segment was dominated by MarkLogic, Cloudera and 10gen, an up-and-coming MongoDB startup.

Kelly identifies a number of key points in the report. He says that the involvement of Amazon and Google in this market means that we can expect a lot of cloud analytics development in the coming year, and deems the WANdisco’s acquisition of AltoStor a notable milestone for the Hadoop community as a whole.

For the full insights, check out the full the Big Data Revenue and Market Forecast on Wikibon.  You can hear more from Kelly in the video below.