U.S. House Plans Mobile App Competition

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives plans to pass a resolution to institute a nationwide technology contest that would encourage students to develop apps for tablets and smartphones.

The idea is the brainchild of Republican congresswoman Candice Miller of Michigan, and the contest would be run internally, and it will involve students from every congressional district to compete in science, technology, engineering and math. (STEM)

According to the resolution, the STEM disciplines are “necessary to ensure a qualified national workforce and growing American economy”, and that “a recent study found that only one-third of the bachelor’s degrees earned in the United States are in a STEM field.”

The resolution continues by saying that the would help to increase interest in these fields, stating, “Bringing together Members of Congress and their younger constituents to participate in activities that will result in a deeper appreciation for STEM fields will foster enthusiasm for education in the sciences. The support which students will gain through Congressional recognition of their work on STEM-related projects will encourage them to pursue career paths in STEM studies and research.”

The Committee on House Administration will decide on the contest rules and prizes, which have not been enumerated in the measure.