Europe is Buzzing about the Latest Raspberry Pi Model

Raspberry Pi, the computer that is no bigger than a key card from the Hilton, has been creating a lot of buzz. The main topic appears to be the shocking low price of the small device. Other news includes what makes the newest model different from last year’s Model B. Mojang has finally posted Minecraft: Pi Editionafter a false start in December for consumption on the ARM PC. The product that has been released to the public is a shorter version of Pocket Edition that will fit into the network’s limited resources. And in other Raspberry Pi news…

Raspbmc 1.0 Brings Stable Media Center Duties to Your Raspberry Pi

TeamXBMC created what they believe to be a stable distro to run the port of XBMC, which has been designed just for the Raspberry Pi. Raspmc 1.0 supports DTS decoding in software and is based on the finished product of XMBC 12 Final. Consumers will be able to purchase licenses from the Raspberry Pi Store for MPEG-2 and VC-1 hardware decoding for a pretty low price. This is considered a good move in hardware since decoding of today’s most recent codecs is a requirement for XBMC setup.

Raspberry Pi $25 Camera Hardware Finalized, Won’t be Available for ‘At Least a Month’

Due to the launching Model A in Europe and an alleged report on the development of the camera add-on for miniature computers had been completed, early reports in February state that the Pi would take at least a month for it to be perfected and running smoothly.

10 Raspberry Pi Creations that Show How Amazing the Tiny PC Can Be

The $35 credit card-sized computer is less than a year old and has been used to teach programming and host servers, but most importantly, it has provided a platform for projects in the computing world.

$25 Raspberry Pi Now Available Across Europe

Last year, Model B was released at the $35 price point in Europe and this year, the team focused on releasing the Model A at $25. What makes the two models different is Model A does not have Ethernet and there is only one port for USB. Also, there is only 256MB of RAM, which is almost half of the MB found in the upgraded version of Model B.