Cloudera Makes Hadoop More Enterprise-Ready than Ever

Cloudera launched the newest edition of its flagship product this morning at the O’Reilly Strata Conference, which kicked off this morning in Santa Clara, California.  Cloudera Enterprise, which consists of the company’s open-source Hadoop distribution and its commercial management software, now ships with two additional tools and plenty of upgrades.

The release includes Cloudera Manager 4.5, an overhauled version of the firm’s end-to-end Hadoop management application. V4.5 also introduces native data visualization capabilities, support for heterogeneous clusters, and integration with the SNMP protocol. The latter addition improves support for third party management solutions.

New to Cloudera Enterprise are Cloudera Navigator and Enterprise BDR (backup and disaster recovery).

Navigator is a data administration layer that sits on top of Manager. It allows the user to store and index a full history of HDFS, Hive and HBase data access for governance and auditing purposes.

BDR is, as the name suggests, an integrated backup and disaster recovery for Cloudera Enterprise. It features a graphical interface designed to make it easier for IT departments to manage their infrastructure.

Cloudera Enterprise is available immediately, together with a set of “comprehensive solutions packages” that enable users to optimize the software for their specific use case.

“Although Hadoop is a strong platform, its promise is inhibited by its sparse and immature tooling. Before it receives broad adoption from mainstream IT organizations, its tooling must progress substantially to enable the core functionality enterprise buyers require in information platform,” said Philip Russom, research director for data management at The Data Warehousing Institute. “With its new products, Cloudera Navigator and Cloudera Enterprise BDR, as well as the latest version of Cloudera Manager, Cloudera addresses these and other administrative tool requirements in spades.”

In December, Cloudera raised $65 million in a Series E round of financing for the purpose of “speed[ing] the expansion of our sales and support operations.” It appears that the company has lived up to its promise to revolutionize Big Data implementation, representing a paradigm shift for the enterprise.  See here for a closer look at Cloudera CEO Mike Olson, who’s helped us understand the origins and the future of Big Data.