Co-Browsing is Part of Salesforce’s New Package Deal for Mobile Cloud

Salesforce introduced a new application that allows help desk representatives to directly interact with users regardless of the platform they are using, whether it’s a PC, handset or a tablet.

Service Cloud Mobile, as the app is called, is a subscription-based bundle designed for use by consumer facing companies such as banks and retailers. Features include a chat engine that can be integrated into existing apps, cloud support, and a set of community management capabilities. The latter functionality enables enterprises to support self-help portals where users can engage each other by exchanging advice on company products.

The most noteworthy feature of Service Cloud is what Salesforce calls co-browsing, an upcoming capability that will allow agents to share a window with a customer on their mobile device. This can potentially be put to use by both remote sales representatives and support personnel to deliver a more personalized experience for mobile users.

The CRM provider said that co-browsing is scheduled to roll out sometime in the second half of 2013. Service Cloud Mobile is available immediately in Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited editions that range from $65 to $260 per seat a month, and Mobile Chat is available separately for $50 per user.

Salesforce is not a consumer-facing firm, but most of its top-paying clients are. That’s why the SaaS developer is invested a lot in addressing consumer trends, including mobile and cloud computing.

A few months ago the company entered the file synchronization space with an offering called Chatterbox. The main feature that sets it apart from the dozens of other cloud locker services available on the market is native integration with Salesforce’s other solutions, a huge advantage for existing customers.