Hadoop will Move Data Warehousing Forward, Says Cloudera [LIVE from Strata 2013]

Cloudera is betting big on Hadoop. In it’s fifth year as a market all its own, Hadoop has become the big democratizing force in data science, according to Charles Zedlewski, VP Products, Cloudera. Cloudera has invested big in open source, and in making Hadoop better.

During a visit to theCube, broadcasting live from Strata this week, Charles sits down with show hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante to discuss Hadoop as a priority framework in the maturation of Big Data, and why it’s become such an important investment for Cloudera.

Moving data around the network and transforming in and out of the database is hugely important in data warehousing, and Cloudera is betting big that Hadoop will move data warehousing forward.


Cloudera is launching three product innovations at Strata 2013 (read full review here):


  1. Disaster recovery capabilities for the software.
  2. Data governance products.
  3. Upgrade and update your Hadoop software with zero downtime.

One of the key benefits that both customer and community gets with Hadoop is the portability and usability in open source, says Charles. Moving data around the network and transforming in and out of the database is a huge key for data warehousing as an industry. It is his belief that open source, as opposed to proprietary software, offers the best solution.

Indeed, the task of reworking the data center to become smarter is a central goal for Big Data implementation, and Cloudera is building its expertise around this.  Throughout our coverage of the Strata conference we’ll be looking for specifics on how this implementation should take place, as Big Data evolves from a sandbox project to a full-on suite of solutions.

John asked Charles before he left, “what do people need to look for in benchmarks around data warehousing?”

“I think the best way to run benchmarks is a customer says, here is my workload, here is my data, run it and see what it can do,” said Charles.

It is clear that the communication between workload and data is going to be a key contributor to the advancement of Big Data.  As Hadoop enables better data mangement across the enterprise, we’ll be interviewing more industry players on the latest innovations in Big Data during Strata this week.  View our live stream here broadcast during the entirety of the Strata conference, and check our YouTube channel for archived interviews and analysis here.