It’s Not About Big Data, but Its “Value” through Visualization, Says Jaspersoft


Talking with theCube’s Dave Vellante, Ben Conners, WW Head of Alliances at Jaspersoft, discussed visualization as a key component to effectively put value in the hands of business people, which represents a means to monetizing Big Data.

Discussing Jaspersoft and its updates into product offering, Ben Conners presented his company’s business intelligence offering, which includes visualization, analytics, dashboarding and more. The company has expanded its BI product into the Big Data world, integrating all major interfaces, including Hadoop and Cassandra.

“It’s not about the big data it’s about the value from the big data. We should talk about big value,” and get to the meaning of Big Data through visualization, Conners explained.

Jaspersoft is currently focusing on embedding, making its Big Data visualization, reporting and analytics software available within existing business applications, integrating it into tools business users are already familiar with.

Ben Conners highlighted a lack of capability of fast access where Big Data is concerned. Although business intelligence has been around for about 20 years, studies still show that “most users don’t use big data or business intelligence” in general because they do not spend time on the available interfaces, they prefer other business apps and tools, that is why the company focuses on integrating BI and making it available from within the context of business applications.

Ben Connors also offered a quick demo of Jaspersoft capabilities of integrating Big Data in the cloud and providing quick visualization and great speed in data analysis. To showcase the product’s capabilities, he goes over the integration with Amazon Redshift, where “it takes up to 10 minutes” from the moment you start using the big data in the cloud service until you can visualize your data. Pulling data from different interfaces, the Jaspersoft software is integrated within Amazon and provides interactive, drag-and-drop visualization, while processing large amounts of data on the fly — 1.5 billion rows of data were used for the demo, thus making fast response a core advantage of the product.

Jaspersoft uses autodiscovery when used with Redshift – the product finds the data a company stores in the cloud, uses client credentials and autoclassifies data, categorizing it in easy to understand business terms. Data is cataloged, maped and secured behind the scenes.

Asked to describe where Jaspersoft is right now and where it is headed, Ben Conners said that the company who currently has a 200-person team offers a full Business Intelligence suite – ETL products, servers with security scheduling, front-end visualization tools, etc. While integrating Hadooop, Cassandra and other major interfaces, the company is focusing on big data in the cloud, predicting that “big data will become the core of more systems.” Big data will be used more and more in the following years, being “the way of the future. ”

Describing Jaspoersoft’s ecosystem strategy, Conners explained that they “are very open-sourced from our foundation and that permeates into everything we do,” including access to multiple data sources. Jaspersoft is working with all major platform users, but added their own key differentiators, such as having written custom connectors to NoSQL interfaces or their pricing system which allows business customer to pay by the hour for cloud access.

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