Packaged Applications Will Lead Analytics Movement, Says Revolution

Data warehousing has drawn a line in the sand and companies are becoming entrenched on one side or the other. There are multiple approaches to data warehousing, and Michele Chambers, Chief Strategy Officer and VP Product Management, Revolution Analytics has a respected voice in that vacuum. Packaging applications is the game changer in advancing data warehousing and what Michele believes is going to lead us into the next phase of predictive analytics.  Michele discussed the need for smarter applications in managing data warehousing for today’s needs, during a visit to theCube, which is broadcasting live from the Strata conference this week.  She sat down with SiliconAngle founder John Furrier, and Wikibon co-founder Dave Vellante.

As Michele points out, Revolution Analytics is moving forward analytics in three key areas:

  1. Introducing inside architecture
  2. Layering data and analytics together
  3. Build models at scale inside Hadoop

Michele sees clients as needing data warehousing practices to coexist. “What they (clients) are looking for is for a class of tools where they can write it once, and deploy it in all environments.” In her interview, Michele walked the party line of not making any declarations of choosing a side, but she made it clear that the modern day approach to statistics is on its way out.

She also gave some very interesting insights on Revolution Analytics, aka R. There are two million users today. It’s a streaming memory algorithm, so it’s completely distributed. The customers don’t have to write their own language in the system.

When asked how they compete with the behemoths of the data analytics industry, the Intel’s of the world, she replied simply: “We’ve proven it to be so much more efficient use or resources.”

You can catch Michele’s full interview on our YouTube channel later today, and stick around for other great interviews and exclusive content from theCube.   Check back in to SiliconAngle throughout the week, as we’ll be broadcasting live from Strata.