Data Has Gravity. Which Open Source Frameworks are Best for Moving Heavy, Big Data?

There are few better individuals to talk to about open source than Rishi Yadav. As a self-proclaimed open source purist, his company InfoObjects works with only open source software, never proprietary. Yadav sat down with SiliconAngle founder John Furrier and Wikibon co-founder Dave Vellante on our live broadcast program, theCube, to discuss his opinion on a lot of the key players in the Hadoop marketplace.

Throughout the interview, Yadav explained that he thinks that there is fragmentation in the marketplace and that is slowing down innovation and more importantly purchases. He likened it to, “if everyone has their own taste, the marketplace is fragmented.” One of my favorite takeaways from the interview was that “Data has gravity.” He went on to explain what that means: moving it takes time.

One company Yadav responded to specifically was HIVE. Once bullish on HIVE, Yadav said that HIVE once solved a big problem, but now people look at latency issues and rethink things.

InfoObjects is another open source initiative that serves a breadth of companies, but Yadav says there is a common thread amont all of its clients. “Any company I talk to, they have data and they don’t know if there are any KPIs.” Hadoop allows for InfoObject to activate and understand all of the Big Data, Big Insights, Big Analytics a client has.

InfoObject and Yadav believe that the Hadoop market is going to explode, not expand. Being a services company and an open source purist, InfoObject and Yadav are betting big on Hadoop. What exactly is an open source purist? What is the business model for open source, is it evolving? “It is interesting for a company like ours, we have 3 things: 1) training — works as a catalyst, 2) skill gap — resources, people resources, programming, 3) implementation and support.”

Open source FTW.  See Yandav’s complete interview below, and check our YouTube channel for more exclusive content from this week’s Strata event, and other events in the Big Data and Cloud industries.