10gen Adds Search, Other Necessary Perks for Enterprise Appeal : MongoDB 2.4

As Big Data’s influence continues to show in the datacenter, the platforms making things smarter at every level of the stack grow in distinction and support.  In another play for the enterprise, 10gen launched new versions of its flagship NoSQL database and its commercial offering.  MongoDB Enterprise brings several new features to the toolbox, wooing corporate clients.  One key update is the search component, a high-demand feature for the enterprise as it looks for usable Big Data installations.  Sweetening the pot, 10gen’s also added fresh analytics features and broader reporting capabilities.

Bait developers, hook the big fish


The 2.4 release of MongoDB introduces: hash-based sharing for better read and write distribution, a native search engine that has yet to exist beta phase, and the ability to maintain a sorted array within documents. The latter option makes it easier for developers to create leaderboards, lists of recommended items and other data-driven software components.

The new version of MongoDB also includes support for the GeoJSON data format, a tool for monitoring latency called Working Set Analyzer, and smarter architecture that determines how to create a new primary node based on the problem that took out the original. 10gen says that v2.4 executes count operations 20 times faster than the previous release, and boasts that real-time data analytics is three to five time faster for most operations.

MongoDB Enterprise ships with all of the above plus a centralized monitoring panel, support for the Kerebros authentication standard, and a role-based privilege system that makes it easier to keep tabs on admin activity.

“MongoDB 2.4 delivers a rich array of features that users have been asking for, and the number of features and pace of innovation is a testament to our increased engineering team,” said Eliot Horowitz the co-founder and CTO of 10gen.  “MongoDB Enterprise is suited to the growing number of large organizations that are adopting MongoDB and responds to their needs related to monitoring and security.”

MongoDB : Movin’ on up


This is a big move for 10gen as it fleshes out both its product portfolio and its business model.  The commercial layer to MongoDB’s shared database is looking to broaden its client base, learning from its existing users and partners.  Kevin Hanson, Solutions Architect at 10gen, offered some insight as to the pain points he’s heard from clients, and what his company is doing to address them, during a visit to theCube at last month’s Strata event (full video below).

But things are heating up in the NoSQL space, especially for MongoDB.  For starters, Drawn to Scale announced its own enhanced version of the database this morning — the startup’s platform integrates its homegrown Spire SQL-on-Hadoop system with Mongo to deliver a solution that’s both scalable and easy to code for.  And just last month MongoDB provider ObjectRocket caught the eye of Rackspace, acquiring the startup for an undisclosed sum.