FCC Chairman to Resign, 2 Spots Vacant on FCC Board

Julius Genachowski, the Chairman for the Federal Communications Commission, announced that he will be leaving his post in the coming weeks.

“Over the past four years, we’ve focused the F.C.C. on broadband, wired and wireless, working to drive economic growth and improve the lives of all Americans,” Genachowski told staff members on Friday, according to an agency statement.

“Today, America’s broadband economy is thriving, with record-setting private investment; unparalleled innovation in networks, devices and apps; and renewed U.S. leadership around the world,” he added.

Genachowski is known for his ambitions in expanding broadband internet connections throughout the US and freeing up additional airwaves to sell to mobile phone companies.

Genachowski’s resignation comes after Republican Robert M. Dowell’s announcement of his resignation earlier this week.  Leaving the FCC board with only three spots filled, the majority of the seated are Democrats.  The resignation of the two board members have been predicted since the reelection of President Barack Obama last year.  No successors for Genachowski and Dowell have been named yet.

Genachowski served as the FCC’s chairman since 2009 when he was appointed by the U.S. Senate.  From the beginning of his term, he planned on creating the US’ first national broadband plan to “reallocate spectrum from over-the-air TV broadcasters to meet demand for wireless usage, and pursue rules to preserve Internet freedom and openness.”  During his reign, private investment for US wireless infrastructure rose more than 60 percent and put the US in the forefront for deployment and adoption of 4G/LTE mobile broadband.

Though most of his projects will remain unfinished once he steps down, he is confident that whoever succeeds him will continue the efforts to deliver better internet services throughout the nation.