Jeff Hammerbacher Chief Data Scientist Wants To Change the World – Charlie Rose Interview

At SiliconANGLE we coined a term “tech athlete” a person who consistently demonstrates excellence at all levels.  Jeff Hammerbacher is a “tech athlete”.  In real life he was a real athlete going to Harvard to play baseball and then on to be the founder of Facebook’s data science operation.  Today, Jeff Hammerbacher, is the Cloudera cofounder and SiliconANGLE theCUBE Alum.

Jeff was on the Charlie Rose show this week.  It is a fantastic interview from one of the most humble coolest guys in tech in Hammerbacher.

I’ve had a chance to interview Jeff a few times over the years.   It’s inspiring to listen and internalize his passion for science and technology.

Enjoy the Hammer videos.

2011: Jeff Hammerbacher – Hadoop World 2011 – theCUBE

2012: Jeff Hammerbacher – Strata-Hadoop World 2012 – theCUBE