3 Tips to Enjoy Quora’s New Full-text Search

Quora, the question and answer service that lets you post questions or answer questions, rolled out a new feature last week that enables people to perform full-text search, much like what users are doing on Google Search.

Quora users are no longer confined to searching only keywords, enabling users to query full questions.  Also, if you’ve noticed, users previously had to navigate individual pages one by one so search topics, questions or people.  Now, when something comes to mind, just type it in and you’ll see results from all of Quora’s content, including answers and blog posts.

“Enter any keyword into the search bar and previews of questions, answers, posts, reviews, and more will show up in the search results so you can more easily find what you are looking for. The new search results page has all the most relevant content on Quora about what you’re interested in, aggregated for easy reading in one place,” Xiao Xiao posted on Quora’s blog.

Also, on the search bar, you can now easily navigate directly to people, topics, and blogs you follow on Quora as you type in a keyword.  And if searching doesn’t bring up any satisfactory answers, you can directly ask a question from the search results page and will be notified when someone answers your query.

Quora also recently introduced a new blog, Quora Spotlight, which highlights the most talked about topics on Quora.

3 Tips for using the new Quora full-text search


Register – Though the need to sign up for Quora has greatly been debated in the past, it’s the only way you’d get full access to search results.  Don’t worry though, Quora is a free service, you won’t be charged for signing up.  Also, you can use your e-mail address, Facebook or Twitter account to sign up.

Follow – Like Twitter, life becomes interesting when you have great people or topics to follow.  Plus it also helps Quora determine what you’re interested in and delivering answers to your queries richer.

Treat it like Google Search – I’m sure a lot of people are confused or wary or Quora because it’s new.  But with Quora’s new full-text search experience things are more familiar, similar to how Google Search works.  And because of the people, blogs or topics you pre-selected and/or follow, the answers to your query are tied to your interests.