Dataguise Enhances Encryption for Hadoop, Secure Big Data Deployment


Dataguise has introduced the newest version of data protection that enhances the field-level encryption for Apache Hadoop database. Designed for HadoopT v4.3, this is one of its only kind solutions that provide both masking and selective encryption for sensitive data in major Hadoop distributions. With enhanced capabilities, DG for Hadoop 4.3 makes use of the traditional Dataguise “masking” capability across single or multiple Hadoop clusters to camouflage sensitive data.

In addition to high-end data masking capabilities, the new version delivers expanded capabilities like contextual-based search to identify sensitive data in unstructured files, simplified management with automatic notifications and detailed audit reporting to demonstrate compliance.

“DG for Hadoop 4.3 has a way to conduct a context-sensitive search of unstructured data. You can establish an automated policy to discover specific kinds of data, such as credit-card numbers, for example, and encrypt them. Decrypting it is based on someone’s permission,” says Subra Ramesh, architect and technical director at Dataguise.

Hadoop is utilized by enterprises across the world, making it imperative to have enhanced security capabilities. While conventional approaches to securing Hadoop do not work well due to increased complexity, expensiveness, and non-ability of selectively protecting the data that matters in these large and diverse environments. DG for Hadoop 4.3 provides an efficient, economical and effective method of determining where and how to secure sensitive data in Hadoop.

Some of the key features of his version include:

  • Selective Encryption
  • Contextual-based data discovery
  • Consistent masking across a single or multiple Hadoop clusters
  • Simplified management
  • Compliance audit reports

“With Hadoop deployments projected to grow in an upward direction for the foreseeable future, the threat to organizations that do not adopt a comprehensive approach to securing this data remains high. DG for Hadoop provides a feature set unmatched by comparable alternatives, helping users benefit from the promise of Big Data without the potential risks,” says Manmeet Singh, CEO, Dataguise.

DG for Hadoop 4.3 starts at $25,000.