LIVE: The GE Pivotal Deal Signals the Next Big Wave in Big Data Applications

GE, the world’s leader in industrial technology and solutions, yesterday cannonballed into the pool with a $105M investment announcement into Pivotal, the EMC/VMware spinout. Pivotal is focusing on the new, modern era of developers and cloud. In the industrial Internet arms race, Pivotal is now an instant superpower in the cloud wars. “The strategic investment in the VMware and EMC spin-off will allow GE to speed up development of advanced analytic services for the Industrial Internet,” said SiliconANGLE founder John Furrier. The “Internet of Things” or the “Industrial Internet” just found it’s leading lady: By leveraging the Pivotal platform, GE gives the company instant differentiation from all the other platforms at the ball.

On today’s Live NewsDesk Show with Kristin Feledy (see live stream below) we’ll be hearing from Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly. What are the details behind the Pivotal launch and GE’s investment in the new company? Why do you think GE made the decision to invest $105 million into Pivotal? So where does the Pivotal announcement and GE investment leave the rest of the Big Data competition? Can anyone compete with this new, well-funded Big Data company?

Image credit: eweek