The Stupidest Characters on Game of Thrones : Best of Quora


HBO’s Game of Thrones is hugely popular. Some watch it because of the boob count per episode, some because they were fans of the book, and some just because they like absolutely anything that has to do with warring kingdoms. Then of course, there are people like me, who just love to hate the stupid characters on this show.

I’m a fan of Game of Thrones all right, precisely because there are more than a few characters I want dead, or failing that to get a serious ass kicking because of their sheer stupidity.  First on the list is Joffrey Baratheon, or Lannister, since his real dad is his Uncle Jamie. He’s a little prick that doesn’t really have a mind of his own, but he does have an awful lot of power.  Then there’s Sansa Stark, who fell in love with Joffrey, even though he’s such a douchebag and a cry-baby, ultimately causing the death of her father.  And how could I omit Viserys Targaryen from my hit list? The brother who sold his sister to the leader of the Dothrakis, threatened the warriors and expected to get the iron throne ASAP.  Ended up dying with a golden head.

Those characters really pissed me off, but let’s take a look at who the netizens of Quora deemed worthy of the title “The Most Stupid Character in Game of Thrones.”

Sansa Stark with 433 votes

“Only a dumb girl like her can fall for a retard like Joffrey! Other Starks have made stupid choices I agree, but for honor and at least were/are brave. She doesn’t have anything in her. So easily manipulated.. You can’t be all that dumb all your life! Seeing what she has seen, her father being killed before her and for her, to an extent because of her.. All she is good for is being helpless. Doing things as told. With strangers deciding her future for her. I seriously hate watching her! Such a fool.” – Aakriti Gupta

Joffrey Baratheon 406 votes

“We’ve had vicious kings, and we’ve had idiot kings…but I don’t know if we’ve ever been cursed with a vicious idiot for a king!” ― Tyrion Lannister, summarizing King Joffrey, posted by Ananya Sethi

Theon Greyjoy 338 votes

“This guy attacks and wrecks havoc in the castle of the very people who raised him with love while he could have been subjected to slavery for being taken as a prisoner of war. And all this for what? For a father who didn’t even fight for his son when he was taken away. Also in his own sister’s words (Yara Greyjoy) it was foolish to attack Winterfell as it was of no strategic importance to the Ironborns who are sea-people and derive their strength from the ships. Now thanks to Theon’s stupidity they have an infuriated foe (Robb Stark) behind their backs.” – Adarsh Nargundkar

Viserys Targaryen 107 votes

“[S]uch a self-entitled nagger, going on and on about reclaiming what is rightfully his. He threatened an army of warrior rapists for not acting upon his whim and put to harm his own flesh and blood.” – Czen Limbago

Renly Baratheon 57 votes

“Renly was the stupidest of all. A gay guy in a place where gay guys don’t live long, drawing attention to himself by claiming a throne he had absolutely no right to. Aligning himself with people who were infinitely smarter, more experienced, and more pragmatic than he was and telling them his deepest secrets. He should have stabbed himself in the eye the second he decided to be king and saved himself a lot of time.” – Matt Wasserman

There you have it, Sansa Stark wins the Stupidest character on Game of Thrones.  It looks like we’re all in agreement of which characters are so painful to watch because of their stupidity.  Will these characters be killed off?  One didn’t even last a season, but if the others get the boot, Game of Thrones won’t be that interesting any more.  People love conflict and someone to hate, but don’t be surprised if someone ends up dying. Muhahahaha! >:)