Big Data meets Customer Service + Sales : [24]7 acquires Shopalize


[24]7 announced they acquired Shopalize, a neighboring company that is involved in the world of social commerce.  Combined the company is integrating the features into its customer experience systems that rely on Big Data and are designed to improve and accelerate customer interactions at every possible level.  With Shopalize under its wings, the platform can be expected to integrate powerful social and referral features throughout their brand of offerings.  CEO and founder PV Kannan calls it the OmniChannel Vision, that is a multi-faceted engagement with the customer on any platform, through various channels, and through all available sales and service engagements.  This is performed on [24]7’s intuitive systems that incorporate Big Data analysis in delivering what customers expect from their shopping and service experience, while delivering full analysis, reporting and flexibility to the company that is engaging with the customer.  

Intuitive customer experiences is nothing new for [24]7, they’ve been on this mission with voice systems, SMS, web portals, mobile and engaging experiences that are centered on rapid interactions.  The company is based in Campbell, CA, and has offices worldwide.   The introduction of Shopalize means expanded integration options in its Predictive Experience Platform, the system utilizes Big Data and predictive analytics.  The product roadmap is already underway, and the technical and social transition of integrating these two companies has been remarkably smooth.  The company is banking on its vision of a futuristic fully-connected predictive and robust customer buying and service experience that is expected to take off on the web, in call centers, in mobile, and entertainment across the world.  With this powerful alignment of tools and leveraging of next-generation analytic technology, there appears to be a whole lot lining up for [24]7.

 Intuitive Customer Experience Company [24]7 Acquires Social Commerce Firm Shopalize

Acquisition Adds Social Commerce Capabilities to Company’s Vision and Delivery of Omnichannel Customer Experience 

CAMPBELL, Calif. — May 14, 2013 [24]7, the intuitive customer experience company, today announced its acquisition of Shopalize, a comprehensive social commerce platform specializing in social sharing and social referral solutions. With its Predictive Experience Platform, [24]7 leverages big data and predictive analytics to better understand customers and improve customer service and sales results for top global enterprises in multiple industries. With the acquisition of Shopalize, [24]7 will offer rich, intuitive social experiences to online consumers while they interact with online businesses.

Shopalize enables e-commerce retailers to promote their brand and increase sales through social sharing, then measure the ROI of social marketing initiatives through comprehensive analytics. Using Shopalize social plugins, consumers can share their purchases or promotions after order checkout and optionally earn rewards for referring friends to e-commerce retailers. Consumers can also use the plugin to discover, in real time,  which products other consumers are buying from the retailer. Shoppers considering a purchase can also solicit friends’ input by asking them to vote on a set of short-listed products while sharing their opinion.

Implementing the Omnichannel Vision

The Shopalize acquisition is the latest step in realizing [24]7 CEO PV Kannan’s omnichannel vision to power multi-channel, multi-modal and multi-device engagement to make customer service and sales simple. The newly acquired technology and products, along with [24]7’s recently announced solutions, such as [24]7 Assist, will improve prediction and real-time decisioning, while driving improved e-commerce service and sales outcomes across online and mobile channels.

“This is an excellent opportunity for [24]7 to combine rich content from users and cutting-edge social engagement and amplification tools with our Predictive Experience Platform, to offer an unparalleled customer experience and accelerated sales for e-commerce companies,” stated [24]7 founder and CEO PV Kannan. “With our omnichannel vision, we are enabling customer interactions across all channels and applying our predictive analytics to give customers a smarter, simpler experience. We’re transforming the customer experience step by step and improving service and sales across industries.”

Shopalize’s technology and product will be integrated with [24]7’s existing products and will also be offered as a stand-alone solution to enterprise clients.