LIVE: How Yahoo-Hulu Acquisition Can be Monetized Alongside Tumblr + Other Buys

Updated with full video – see below.

On today’s SiliconANGLE Live NewsDesk Show, (see live feed below or visit to watch on-demand), we discuss Yahoo’s latest bid for Hulu.  The news comes days after Yahoo’s confirmed acquisition of Tumblr, making the web giant’s acquisition strategy even more curious.

According to numerous sources Yahoo has bid from $600 to $800 million for Hulu, the on-demand, pay TV service that competes with Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. The reason for the wide range is because Yahoo has proposed several different prices based on a variety of circumstances. Joining us now to tell us more about the possible reasons for the price range and its subsequent circumstances is contributing editor John Casaretto. (See the live broadcast, embed below ~ if you missed today’s topic, check our YouTube channel for archived clips.)

Some of the things we’ll be discussing with include Yahoo CEO  Marissa Mayer’s possible goals behind her company’s latest acquisitions, how Hulu’s acquisition could potentially help Yahoo compete with Google and YouTube, and how Yahoo’s string of acquisitions can be monetized to the benefit of the struggling web giant.