LIVE: Apple Set to Announce iRadio at WWDC, Big Data Plays a Big Part

On today’s SiliconANGLE Live NewsDesk Show, (see live feed below or visit to watch on-demand), we talk about Apple’s upcoming Internet Radio, dubbed iRadio, and how Big Data plays a key role. Keep June 10th circled in your calendar.

It seems all that is left is the final swan song. A long rumored and new streaming music service for iTunes, iRadio (no shocker there on the name) could finally be coming. Apple signed a licensing deal with Warner Music Group for the rights to its recorded music and music publishing. Here’s the gist of the deal: Apple will give Warner Music Group’s publishing arm 10 percent of ad revenue. Here is why that number is important: it’s more than double what Internet radio giant Pandora pays major music publishers.

The bigger story here is that Warner’s terms with Apple could pave the way for other major publishing deals to follow, said the Wall Street Journal. WWDC is coming June 10 in San Francisco — the writing is on the wall that there could be a big announcement for iRadio, especially since there is no expected iPhone or iPad news.

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Joining us now to tell us more about how Big Data will play a role in Apple’s streaming music service is Wikibon Principal Research Contributor Jeff Kelly. (See the live broadcast, embed below ~ if you missed today’s topic, check our YouTube channel for archived clips.)

Some of the things we’ll be discussing with Kelly include the role data analytics will play in iRadio’s success in a crowded market of music recommendations, the challenges iRadio faces, and other ways Apple has used Big Data in its products.