iOS 7 + iRadio : Will Apple Copy Android or Microsoft at #WWDC 2013?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 is kicking off today at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco, California, running through the 14th.

As for the rumored news, it is expected that Apple will reveal iOS 7 at the event, it’s latest mobile operating system with a refreshed look.  Earlier reports have stated that Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jony Ive has opted for a flatter look for iOS 7, with a more black -and-white color scheme.

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Those who have reportedly seen the new iOS 7 compare the flatness to Microsoft’s Metro UI, while others stated that it is akin to Android as it will now sport widgets and other glanceable information that you can access by swiping right or left on your screen.

Codenamed Innsbruck, the refreshed mobile OS will sport new icons for native apps, as well as newly designed toolbars, tab bars, and other fundamental interface features, plus polarizing filters for added screen privacy.

Native apps will have a general white appearance, but with color-coded borders so you can easily identify which app is which.  The Game Center icon will lose the Chess piece and the green felt background, the Notification bar’s linen texture will be replaced with a more solid black color and will show more information or quick controls for network connectivity such as Bluetooth and WiFi controls.  And all the “shiny” look of the iOS, such as the one found on the bar when your screen is locked will be discarded for a more solid black or gray color.

With the popularity of chat apps or VoIP apps, Apple will be giving FaceTime its own standalone app so it can be easily accessed by users.  Another cool addition, though something Samsung users are already familiar with, is a Panoramic wallpaper that gets revealed as the user swipes more to the left or right.

And finally, iOS 7 is said to have more integration with Flickr and Vimeo and an improved in-car support for Maps and Siri.

To learn more about what Apple unveils at WWDC 2013 today and throughout the week, stay tuned here at SiliconANGLE as we’ll be delivering the latest developments as they unfold.