Customers “need tools to speed up business, reduce time to market,” says Savvis’ Brent Juelich #HPDiscover


Brent Juelich, VP Application Services at Savvis, talked about the company’s partnership with HP, their uses of SAP’s HANA and application development with theCUBE co-hosts Dave Vellante and John Furrier, live at the 2013 edition of HP Discover.

Savvis has been HP partner for quite some time, Juelich said, “we’re always looking for innovative ways to bring that technology to our customer base.”

“We work with HP on our automation, as well as how we deal with the servers, how the architecture is put together.” The partnership with HP is extremely helpful in how the company deals with the orchestration of the cloud. Asked if HP is actually a competitor in the cloud business, Juelich said “we are happy to take our applications and place them on any type of compute platform. Everyone competes with everyone at some level.”

Moving at the speed of business


Commenting on HANA, Juelich said it was one of hottest products at the moment. Savvis is applying HANA to a couple environments running HP, and they are quite happy about how the performance works, as it speeds up customer environments.  ‘The goal is to speed up performance,” which brings huge value to the financial aspects. “It’s an appliance, and our customers want to test us out,” speed the business, and reduce time to market. There’s also the cost aspect which HANA helps reduce. When a company has “a bad performing business warehouse or bad performing transaction, it makes sense to try to speed it up.”

Asked to comment on the current state of the application market, where the trend is extracting away the complexity, software defined everything. and application developers are under a lot of demand, Juelich said he’s been a software developer for many, many years, and shares the enthusiasm about the current market. “The options that are available today are 10 times the options in the late 80s and early 90s. Today, what’s available to application developers is incredible.” OpenStack is a wonderful tool, he added.

Service cycles


Talking about time to market and life cycles, Juelich said that “yesterday it was OK to take six weeks to take a server in, now customer expect it in 15 minutes.” Life cycles really vary by platforms, but in the case of customers buying services offered by Savvis, they get “the tools to get as fast into the cycle as they could possibly wish.” In one case, there was a one day period for time to market. “From our standpoint, giving them to tools to do that, to quickly roll out their environments, test it out,” is the target. He also mentioned a demo of a transaction for which the time it takes to be completed was reduced from 15 minutes to 2 seconds.

Asked if data was programmable, Juelich said: “In short, yes. What we are starting to see now is that the technology is changing the game of how you develop your applications.”

John Furrier wanted to know Juelich’s opinion on the most exciting thing currently happening and he mentioned innovation around SAP HANA, “it’s a huge benefit to the majority of customers,” as well as recent Big Data advancements.

As a consumer of HP’s Moonshot, Juelich said “it’s a cost economic standpoint. It’s a cost economical decision.” Moonshot might have a lower performance, but the cost is very different. “Less power, less space, easy to consume, what’s not to like about it?”

Watch the full interview here.