Red Hat Accelerates the Adoption Hadoop and OpenStack Implementation and Development


The Apache Hadoop open platform has aroused great interest in the largest producers of hardware and software vendors. Most of them have already implemented or plan to implement solutions using this technology. Simultaneously, a growing number of companies offering tools and applications that work with Hadoop.

With sixth annual Hadoop Summit is just round the corner, enterprises and service providers are looking to big data to differentiate themselves from the competition and to open hybrid cloud as an innovation. Hadoop deployments and the adoption of OpenStack can benefit organizations to make big data workloads to move between public and private clouds. This is important because it not only gives a base platform to build an effective system of data analysis, but to build a complete, ready-to-implement solution.

Hortonworks and Red Hat Extend Collaboration

Hortonworks, the leading contributor and enabler to enterprise Apache Hadoop, and Red Hat outlined an engineering partnership to collaborate to advance open source big data community projects. To that end, Red Hat Storage and Hortonworks Data Platform will be integrated to accelerate the enablement of the broader file system ecosystem to be used with Apache Hadoop.

This collaboration will focus on developing open software-defined storage from Red Hat as a Hadoop-compatible file system managed with Hortonworks’ Data. This collaboration will increase the already rapid pace of community-driven innovation happening around Hadoop.

“Hortonworks is dedicated to bringing a 100-percent open source Hadoop to the enterprise and our engineering-level relationship with Red Hat and other leading technology vendors helps ensure the integration of the Hortonworks Data Platform with existing enterprise infrastructures. By driving innovation through the open communities, we look forward to working with Red Hat to increase overall open source Apache Hadoop adoption in the enterprise. This collaboration only increases the already rapid pace of community-driven innovation happening around Hadoop.”

Hortonworks and Red Hat said that their first focus area is to enhance the Apache Ambari project, which revolves around monitoring and managing Hadoop with storage systems, such as GlusterFS. The integration allows Hadoop to run directly on a POSIX-compliant storage node. POSIX-compliant storage connects easily to the enterprise applications and reduces duplication of data and save costs.

Red Hat OpenStack and Storage Integration

Separately, Red Hat said that it has integrated its OpenStack based cloud OS distribution and Red Hat Storage. Enterprise customers running mission-critical workloads on the private cloud are interested in a Red Hat-engineered stack to make sure their OpenStack cloud platform deployments are tightly integrated and tested to work effectively right from the start.

The aim is to unify storage services and give users a full-featured storage and compute solution with OpenStack so enterprise customers can get support from Red Hat.

Hortonworks, Mirantis and Red Hat Focuses OpenStack

Red Hat and its vendor partners are bridging the innovation gap using open source standards, resulting in open development processes, interoperability, sharable resources, portable services and unified management.

Mirantis and Red Hat announced the collaboration of solutions to optimize Mirantis’ Fuel tools for deployment of Red Hat OpenStack. The combination of Red Hat and Mirantis working together with customers to optimize OpenStack should substantially increase the speed of adoption, success, and overall confidence of companies in using the Red Hat OpenStack distribution and Mirantis’ services and tools. Fuel continues to support several OpenStack distributions and a growing number of infrastructure components.