MongoDB Days 2013 Highlights: 10gen has a Bright Future Ahead

TheCube set up shop in the New York Marriott Marquis ballroom to bring you wall to wall coverage of MongoDB Days 2013, 10gen’s buzzed-about NoSQL conference. After chatting with most of the notable attendees, including chief executive Max Schireson, co-hosts Dave Vellante and Jeff Kelly wrapped up the stream with an in-depth discussion about the startup and its red-hot database technology.

The way Dave sees it, MongoDB is gaining traction thanks to two important features: support for a wide range of data types, and ease of use. Jeff agrees, and notes that the 10gen community is very passionate about the technology.

According to Jeff, the fact that more than 40 percent of the company’s 250 employees are engineers indicates that management is bent on making MongoDB more viable for the enterprise. He adds that the firm’s plan to double its workforce within a couple of years is another clue that Schireson and his colleagues are out for blood. Dave weighs in and says that control and monitoring are two of the main pain points 10gen will have to address in order to help MongoDB gain traction among big IT shops.

Jeff reflects that Matt Asay, the startup’s vice president of business development and corporate strategy, elaborated on his firm’s aggressive push into the enterprise market and financial services sector in an exclusive interview on theCube. 10gen is steadily bolstering its customer base with big names such as MetLife, Goldman Sachs and ADP, which leverages MongoDB in its sophisticated mobile analytics environment. According to Charity Major MongoDB is also utilized by Parse, the mobile backend-as-a-service solution that Facebook acquired for an estimated $85 million earlier this month.

Vellante mentions that the NoSQL segment of the analytics market is growing twice as fast as SQL. Jeff explains that MongoDB and other Big Data technologies are used to process growing transactional workloads, such as apps that serve data in real-time. SQL may not be growing as fast as NoSQL, but it’s still the best choice for rapid data processing and ad hoc querying. He projects that these two technologies will merge over time.

The pure-play analytics space is relatively small, but it’s growing at an increasingly rapid pace. Jeff believes that 10gen has an opportunity to secure a dominant position in this market but stresses that the company will need to overcome a number of challenges first. He adds that the firm’s recently announced partnership with IBM will help them get a step closer to achieving their goals.

Big Blue and 10gen are developing a standard that will enable developers to tap into data locked within traditional databases from within MongoDB. This milestone initiative has the potential to revolutionize mobile computing in the enterprise, and could very well lead to an acquisition.

Check out the video below for the full analysis, including more on 10gen’s relationship with IBM.