That’s A Wrap: Summarizing the HP Vertica Big Data Conference #HPBigData2013

SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE has been covering the HP Big Data Conference being held in Boston. It is interesting to note, as this was HP Vertica’s first Big Data conference, they were able to achieve maximum attendance, selling out the event. Dave Vellante of Wikibon pointed out the attendees were almost equally split between current HP customers and their partners. This fact, he noted, speaks to the broad adoption of Big Data analytics.

Overall, John Furrier commented this event provided the most comprehensive software vision from HP, a company whose main line of revenue is typically supported by hardware and compute products. Perhaps it was for this reason we saw attendees from across the spectrum of industries, including financial, retail and insurance, to name a few.

When SiliconANGLE saw the need, four years ago, to provide an outlet for all things tech, Big Data was only just starting to take hold. We now see the importance of Big Data for business to be able to act and react in this faster-paced market. As it becomes more ubiquitous, the next task will be to focus on security. Until enterprises can handle specific threats and fraud protection, there will remain a reticence by some to adopt the technology.

However, as Jeff Kelly stated, HP seems to be rapidly adopting and promoting their software products related to Big Data analytics. Currently, HP’s software development side is responsible for $4 billion in revenue. He commented that for this trend to continue, perhaps HP’s legacy business needs to shrink to facilitate growth in their new vertical. That would change the scope and perception of HP from a hardware provider to a software development company.

Kelly recommended HP should focus on partnering in a smart way to drive the viability of their Vertica platform. Vellante echoed this, stating that in the next few years we should expect to see a large adoption of this technology by big enterprises. This will lead not only to a wider acceptance by customers of those enterprises, but also to a massive shift by developers who will be creating applications specific to the Vertica platform.

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