#VMWorld 2013 Round-Up : VMWare + OpenStack Take Center Stage

VMWorld 2013 kicked off last night, and the huge event is packed with storylines. What will we hear from Pivotal? Is Pat Gelsinger safe as CEO? What is his open source agenda? But the bell of the ball is OpenStack. Recent trends validate SiliconANGLE’s editorial stance on Software-Led Infrastructure (SLI) aka Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI). The intersections of open source, Big Data, PaaS and IaaS are going to set the narrative of #vmworld 2013.

A recent research report that surveyed the Wikibon community found that VMWare is still a strong brand. The challenge for VMware is sustaining leadership. Research firm Wikibon’s own Dave Vellante estimates about five years for open source trends to produce wholly viable alternatives to vendor lock-in and pricing. This could very well be driving uptake in OpenStack as clients seek alternatives.

Here is a collection of all of our assets for this year’s VMworld 2013.

Your Guide to VMworld 2013 : Defy Convention


OpenStack, Rackspace, CloudThe Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA has set the stage for VMworld 2013 which will be held on August 25-29, 2013. Here is a link to your complete guide for VMworld 2013.

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Key VMware Executive Shakeups in 2013 : New CEO + Other Fresh Faces


Last year, VMware welcomed a new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, who replaced Paul Maritz. At the time, Maritz exited the company and will not serve in any position under the EMC umbrella. Lo and behold, Maritz is now Pivotal’s head. Pivotal is the latest EMC/VMware spinoff.

But this isn’t the only executive level shakeup we’ve seen amongst EMC and its subsidiaries in recent months. As we gear up for VMworld, several questions remain for the virtualization firm regarding its staying power in a rapidly transitioning market. C-level shuffles are often indicative of internal changes, impacting company culture, products and public perception. So what other executive shake ups has VMware experienced since its new CEO was appointed?

VMware Dominant Going into #VMworld


As VMware heads into VMworld 2013, it is in a dominant position in the virtualization market, comparable to Microsoft on the desktop in 1990 or IBM in 1970, with continuing strong growth ahead of it. And while Microsoft’s Hyper-V seems to be growing faster at present and may improve its market share over the next 18 months, it and the other competitors (KVM, OVM, and Citrix XEN) will in total still only have just over 30% total market share in 18 months, according to a just-published hypervisor market report by Wikibon CTO David Floyer based on a survey of 104 Wikibon Community members.

And those four competitors will all be confined to niche markets, with some of Microsoft’s growth coming at the expense of Citrix, which is losing ground in what is otherwise a general growth market.

The Wikibon report shows virtualization growing from 69 percent of servers in respondents’ shops today to 84 percent in 18 months. While Floyer thinks that growth projection may be optimistic, the basic point is that server virtualization remains a high growth market for the next two years. And VMware is expected to gain the lion’s share of this growth in absolute numbers, although its market share may slip slightly.

One big reason for that, Floyer writes, is that VMware just runs well. Its users particularly praised its ruggedness and durability. And it is still the clear leader in technology and features overall. By contrast, Hyper-V users described it as “good enough” for their Windows Server environments and for desktop virtualization.

Hypervisor Market Approaching Crossroads #VMworld


The hypervisor market is approaching a crossroads. A lot is happening, with software-led networking, software-defined storage, and of course the perennial VDI all waiting in the wings while the market continues to digest server virtualization. Nearly a decade after virtualization appeared with the proven keys to huge CapEx savings as it increased average utilization from 18 percent to 85 percent, and despite the huge spur of the 2008 economic disaster, estimates of the average percentage of servers virtualized today hover around 70 percent.

Wikibon’s recent survey report places server virtualization at 69 percent among its community members and projects that it will grow to 84 percent in 18 months. That means that server virtualization is still a major focus and growth driver in the market, particularly for VMware, which gives some idea of how long it takes the IT industry to consume even a technology with obvious positive impact to bottom line expenses.

CommVault at #VMworld 2013


Starting next Monday, SiliconANGLE’s #theCUBE will be broadcasting live from the #VMWorld2013 Conference being held in San Francisco. SiliconANGLE has been focusing on virtualization for the month of August, perfectly in-line with #VMWorld 2013. The first break-out session being offered is by Jonathan Howard and Donald Foster of CommVault. Their presentation, entitled ‘Leveraging Advanced Storage Capabilities to Meet Today’s Virtual Environment SLAs’ will start from the idea that the relevancy of the traditional models for backup and recovery is diminishing on a near daily basis.

CommVault’s 17 year history has been one that looks to service customers who operate with a certain level of malleability in order to achieve strategic goals. And most recently, CommVault has been named a leader in the ‘Gartner 2013 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software. Howard and Foster will be presenting between 1 and 2 pm PST next Tuesday, August 27 in the Moscone West Room 3012. If you are unable to attend the VMworld Conference, be sure to join us on #theCUBE as we live stream the conference at www.siliconangle.tv.