10gen’s Unified Open Source Front : Rebrands as MongoDB

10gen, the company that brought us the open-source document-oriented database system MongoDB, announced that it will now be called MongoDB, Inc. which unifies the open-source database project.  The name change is effective immediately.

“In 2007, 10gen began work on an open-source cloud computing stack. That was the birth of MongoDB, as the data layer of that platform,” said Dwight Merriman, Chairman and Co-founder at 10gen. “When we saw the potential for the database we had built we decided to focus 100 percent on MongoDB. Thus the company name 10gen and the database name MongoDB were different. With this change, our goal is to get the names back into alignment.”

Aside from the name change, MongoDB has been quite busy lately.  Here’s a quick recap of the organization’s recent developments.

Adds search + perks

Last March, MongoDB launched new versions of its flagship NoSQL database and its commercial offering.  MongoDB Enterprise delivers several new features to the toolbox such as the search component which is a high-demand feature for the enterprise as it looks for usable Big Data installations.  It also introduced fresh analytics features and broader reporting capabilities.

Marrying Hadoop

MongoDB’s partnership with Hadoop has been described as the perfect marriage as Hadoop takes care of analytics while MongoDB takes care of the storage side.  MongoDB is currently in talks with a number of Hadoop vendors to figure out how to integrate the two.

Upgrades Hadoop Connector

MongoDB recently enhanced its Hadoop connector.  The refreshed connector masks the platform as a Hadoop-compatible file system to enable reading and processing of real-time data using native MapReduce jobs as well as to make it easier for enterprises to incorporate its database into their Big Data environments.

“We are seeing strong market adoption of MongoDB for real-time operational big data and Hadoop for deep, offline analytics. The community has been asking us to make these tools interoperate seamlessly, so they can focus on building value in their applications,” stated Max Schireson, the chief executive officer of MongoDB. “The latest upgrades to the MongoDB Connector for Hadoop provide this interoperability.”

More is expected to come from MongoDB after the name change.