SimpliVity’s Mission Is To Simplify IT | #VMworld


Joining John Furrier and Dave Vellante in front of theCube cameras, Doron Kempel, CEO and Chairman of SimpliVity, announced the sweepstakes that could make a lucky winner (and SimpliVity event participant) the new owner of an Audi R8.

“It’s a nice car, it’s symbolically high performance, very elegant in design, and we would like to think that SimpliVity OmniCube has similar features,” boasted Kempel.

Furrier inquired about the core message at the VMworld event. “SimpliVity’s humble mission is to simplify IT. So, the question is: What’s to simplify? If you step into a data center today, you’ll notice that the infrastructure stack is comprised of 8 to 12 different products, starting with servers running virtualization, then storage switch, highly available storage, potentially an appliances back-up, an optimization device, a cloud gateway, and so forth.”

What Kempel detailed represents a real situation where 8 to 12 products are purchased from as many different vendors, where each product management requires operation from trained staff, and thus generating clutter. Basically, “IT gets very complicated and expensive to manage,” said Kempel, listing this as challenge number one.

Challenge number two is that “the data that we use today is a relic of the 20th century. It’s bloated and it’s not meant for a virtualized, cloud-enabled world.” The third problem is that “the people cannot manage the remote offices and data centers.”

SimpliVity addresses all these issues. “We are taking all these 12 products and we assimilate them into a single product called the OmniCube. With our unique data architecture we de-duplicate, compress and optimize all the data using the OmniCube Accelerator,” explained Kempel. “We enhance the performance of the system by reducing the amount of iOps to SSD and HDD, eliminating those that are redundant. Then we sequentialize all the writes. You get a system that is high-performance, with optimized data across all the tiers within an OmniCube and across all phases of the data: primary, backup, wen, archive and the cloud.”
Equally important is that all OmniCubes across the globe are managed by one single person: a VM admin from V-center.

Talking about trends and evolution, Kempel noted that during the last 30 years in computing we went from a world that was mainframe, fully integrated, centralized and closed to a world of clutter. You needed to buy all these products, with all the management pains. SimpliVity changed the IT infrastructure. The OmniCube data architecture is powered by a real-time Data Virtualization Engine where all data is de-duplicated, compressed and optimized at inception, inline, with no impact to performance.

Watch the full interview below: