Pentaho Adds MongoDB Support to Newest Solution

Pentaho’s newly released Business Analytics 5.0 platform introduces over 250 major improvements, including expanded support for MongoDB. The company says that the integration lets customers take advantage of the document database to more easily meet “increasing requirements for big data in businesses today.”

According to Pentaho, Business Analytics 5.0 is the first BI solution to offer full support for MongoDB cluster replication and failover. The platform also lets users direct how reads and writes are routed to database nodes, and leverage native MongoDB features such as replication and data aggregation to accelerate querying.

MongoDB promises to make data more accessible for business users while improving developer productivity via automatic document sampling, schema generation and other user-friendly functions that are built into Business Analytics 5.0.

“As the MongoDB ecosystem continues to grow, tools like Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0 provide critical capabilities for the enterprise, ” said Matt Asay, the vice president of business development and corporate strategy at MongoDB, formerly 10gen. “We are pleased to partner with a leading business analytics company to help make it easier to both orchestrate data movement between other systems and MongoDB, using drag and drop tools, and provide business reporting.”

MongoDB is growing its ecosystem with new partnerships and open standards. Three weeks ago, the company rolled out a Hadoop connector that lets users reduce data movement and optimize performance by storing MongoDB Binary JSON (BSON) backup files in HDFS. The software also lets data scientists use SQL-like Hive queries instead of native MapReduce, which can be somewhat difficult to grasp.

The new connector is designed to make MongoDB more viable for Hadoop-based data warehouses, ETL workflows and near real time services that require a steady stream of data.