CSC CTO Talks Oracle | #oow13

Dan Hushon, the chief technology officer of services giant CSC, shared his insider’s perspective on the Oracle ecosystem and the changing IT landscape in a recent interview on SiliconANGLE’s theCUBE.

Hushon believes that the database giant is well positioned to take advantage of Java’s popularity and the accelerating adoption of Big Data in the enterprise. Asked about how organizations utilize virtualization to address challenges such as disaster recovery and replication, the executive comments that “virtualization is kind of a saving grace, [and] virtualizing data is gonna be more and more important. I would even go one step forward and say fundamentally what we actually have to do is begin to figure out how we version control data past replication. All these version control databases are coming out … it’s really changing the physics of how databases are being designed.”

Hushon predicts that multivisor frameworks will continue gain traction as traditional organizations adopt DevOps and declarative languages to drive efficiencies across the stack. The disruption of enterprise software development, compounded by the rise of analytics, will also prompt companies to abandon the traditional cybersecurity paradigm of treating data as a “soft gooey center protected by a firewall.”

The executive highlights that the “information behind security matters at scale,” and it’s CSC’s ability to deliver solutions at scale that enables it to stay ahead of the pack. The firm’s recent acquisition of data marketplace operator Infochimps adds to this advantage.
Like CSC, Oracle has to further its competitive edge in order to stay ahead of the market. Hushon views the database vendor’s increased focus on software positively, and points out that the Java ecosystem provides a foundation for future cloud and even mobile initiatives.

See the video below for the full discussion, including Hushon’s insights into back-office integration.