MarkLogic CEO on Oracle and NoSQL at OpenWorld 2013 | #oow13

Gary Bloom, the president and chief executive officer of NoSQL titan MarkLogic, stopped by theCUBE at the recently concluded Oracle OpenWorld 2013 conference to discuss how his company is helping enterprises tap into their unstructured data for tangible business value.

Founded in 2001, MarkLogic is the largest pure-play Big Data vendor by revenue with a 13 percent stake of the market. The company credits much of its success to the fact that it has been around for much longer than the competition, and well before analytics started moving into the enterprise mainstream.

Bloom reflects that “our founder [Christopher Lindblad], when he started the company, he was a search expert. He looked out there and he said, ‘Gee, there is all this data in corporations that needs to be searchable,’ so he set about to build a search engine to search all that data. And what he realized pretty quickly is that if you actually want to be able to look at that data through a search engine you have to store it differently.”

Unlike relational databases from Oracle and IBM, MarkLogic’s solution is schemeless. The platform indexes data dynamically, which means that input doesn’t have to adhere to a specific structure in order to be processed. This functionality simplifies application development and empowers users to extract insights from their data.

Bloom boasts that his company’s software is utilized by more than 350 organizations, including the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, intelligence agencies, publishers and major financial services providers. What sets MarkLogic apart from rivaling NoSQL solutions is that it offers high-availability, compartmentalized security, and other enterprise features that are required for mission-critical workloads.

Click on the video below for the full interview.