#BigDataNYC Preview : Best of Big Data on theCUBE [Playlist]

Hosted by SiliconANGLE and Wikibon, in partnership with Hortonworks and WANdisco, the first-ever #BigDataNYC 2013 gathering will bring together 200 industry heavy-hitters to rub shoulders and talk shop on theCUBE. With the summit rapidly approaching during Big Data Week in the Big Apple next week, we thought we’d give you a little taste of what to expect from the hottest data party of the year.

Best of Big Data on theCUBE


Below is a playlist we’ve put together, contextualizing the best of theCUBE’s exclusive interviews with CEOs, CIOs and CFOs in the Big Data sector.  Over the past three years we’ve followed the Big Data industry closely, exploring the potential and the pragmatism its technology promises.  As the enterprise seeks a more realistic vision of what Big Data can do regarding Business Intelligence offerings, these C-level executives are the thought leaders and the action leaders behind today’s very real industry, marked by Hadoop frameworks, a bubbling developer community, key partnerships and innovative approaches to the commercialization of concepts that got their start as open source initiatives.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the more interesting interviews from the playlist, including top moments with Hewlett-Packard’s Colin Mahony and General Electric’s Bill Ruh.

Segment Highlights


HP Vertica boss Colin Mahony – seen below in an exclusive interview with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante – offered his insider’s perspective on the disruptive force of analytics at the recent HP Vertica Big Data Conference in Boston. Capturing the essence of this megatrend, he remarked that:

“The amount and volume of information that are out there are growing at [a] faster and faster pace every day, and I think what’s so exciting is that we’re realizing how to take advantage of that. That can lead to better lives, better healthcare, better experiences in gaming and products and services.”

SiliconANGLE has long recognized the enormous potential of Big Data to drive business growth and redefine user experiences across every platform, from mainframes to smart appliances. Bill Ruh, the vice president of General Electric’s global software center, shares this view (full video below). Speaking at the GE Industrial Internet 2013 event, the executive told us that rapid access to data insights is key to unlocking the true value of information.

“It is only in the ability to quickly analyze, understand, and put machine-based data to work in real-time that points us to a society that benefits from the promise of big data,” stated Ruh.

Check out the playlist below to watch the Best of Big Data on theCUBE, featuring C-level executives from publicly traded firms working n the Big Data sector. For more information about #BigDataNYC 2013, visit our Eventbrite page and let your voice be heard.