A Win for Predictive Analytics : Infer Doubles Customer Bookings Since April

Delivering on its April promise to investors, predictive analytics startup Infer revealed this week that it has doubled its customer bookings since exiting stealth mode. As a result, the company is now processing 200 percent more predictions for customers than six months ago.

Established in 2010 by data scientist Vik Singh and former Googlers Yang Zhang and Chung Wu, Infer offers a predictive analytics platform that correlates historical customer data with signals available on the web to help marketers better prioritize their flow of leads and drive increased sales. The software is used by several big name companies, including data visualization giant Tableau, Box, Jive and Zendesk.

Singh, the CEO of Infer, commented that “we’ve been very fortunate to draw so many brilliant technical minds away from the consumer Web and into the enterprise space. No one has yet been able to build a repeatable, intelligent, consumer-like solution for any function of the enterprise — and that’s exactly what we’re doing for sales and marketing. We’re bringing the predictive power of Google to every business out there so we can help them grow faster, while fueling an arms race powered by data.”

The enterprise Big Data market is heating up. Earlier this month, social discovery startup Bottlenose launched a new solution that utilizes patent-pending technologies to crunch streaming data and provide business users with real time visibility into business trends. Dubbed Nerve Center, the offering augments the startup’s Trendfluence platform with support for operational data and an intelligent ranking system.

Bottlenose announced Nerve Center just a few months after closing a $3.6 million Series A financing round led by Venture Capital. Previous backers Lerer Ventures, Transmedia, Advancit, Stage One Capital and Social Starts participated as well.