Apigee extends API Web design with Node.js interfaces


As more business incline to mobile, cloud and web for commerce, APIs allow a variety of devices to access the same power source and use it for any number of purposes. Apigee, the enterprise-grade API management platform, can be an effective platform that offer plug-and-play configurations on API creation. But these are complex problem that developers can’t build easily.

And that’s why Apigee announced the use of the popular Node.js software platform within Apigee Enterprise to build customized APIs and apps. The APIs let developers to easily create, manage, and access Apigee cloud infrastructure to enable their products. The yet-to-be-named tool make it possible for developers to rather write a few hundred lines of code (instead of thousands earlier) that works with the Node.js platform than use their custom interface.

The open-source tool allows a number of Node.js instances to operate on a virtual machine. The JavaScript Node.js runtime system provides an easy way to create scalable network programs.

Apigee’s chief architect, Gregory Brail, says that using Apigee’s powerful configuration capabilities and user interface, developers can add Apigee’s API management features, such as OAuth security and traffic management, to these Node.js applications.

“We want to give developers the best possible platform for creating today’s modern apps that deliver data and services through APIs and are consumed on a wide variety of devices,” said Brail. “The Node.js integration delivers a new level of programmability to Apigee – with the flexibility to create APIs that can solve even the most complex orchestration and mobile optimization problems. With this, we’re extending our reach to all JavaScript developers, who can now seamlessly combine Node with everything in Apigee.”

Node.js developers will have access to the Apigee’s enterprise-grade app development environment including revision support for iterative development, GUI and REST API for development, deployment and management, virtual deployment environments, visual tracing tool for easy debugging and powerful metrics and analytics for business and operations.

Apigee is taking strides towards becoming a robust development platform. Recently, the company added support for free users that allows anybody to build and manage business value around the new API. Then it revealed a new subscription-based API analytics service that aggregates data to Apigee Insights from public APIs, internal systems and external sources such as social media.