SmartWorld Weekly : From open sourcing to barring the signals

This week’s SmartWorld Series features an effort to open source smart home automation solutions, watch that counts down your life, cars that changes color based on the driver’s mood, and fashionable wearable tech.

If you missed this week’s SmartWorld Series, here’s your chance to catch up on the exciting developments happening in the connected world.  Each week, we round up the best of apps and services for health and fitness, smart homes, smart cars and anything related to the Internet of Things.

Open source the Smart Home : Cure app fatigue


If you are experiencing app fatigue because of the many apps you manage for your different smart home solutions, the solution for this may soon be coming.  SmartHome Monday featured the collaboration between ABB, Bosch, Cisco, and LG to develop an open architecture for data exchange so that these smart home devices can better talk to each other.

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When will you die? Tikker takes on the Grim Reaper


Wondering how much time you have left to walk on this earth?  Check out Tikker in this week’s Quantified Self roundup.  Tikker is a watch that counts down your remaining years, hours, minutes and seconds.  It’s not an exact science but some people find it eye opening to know when your time will be up.  Living a life full of hatred, fear and loneliness will do no one any good, maybe Tikker can help you see the world in a different angle.

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Moody cars : Future autos can change color with your feelings


Remember being fascinated with mood rings?  I remember being amazed  with the fact that it changes color based on your body temperature.  But being a kid, I thought the color really conveyed what you felt.  What if cars can do that?  Will you be interested in one?  This week’s SmartCar roundup featured the Toyota FV2, a concept car which will be featured at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.  Toyota claims that the car will be able to detect the driver’s emotions and the color of the exterior will change accordingly.  Will red mean passion or road rage?

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Wearable tech for fashion-forward women + paranoid peeps


And if you’re looking for trendy pieces, check out this week’s Wearable Tech roundup.  Women will love Mujjo’s new line of gloves meant for females that won’t get in the way of being productive with touchscreen devices.  Or if you’re tired of all the buzz your smartphone is throwing at you, you might just want to own an Escape Jacket so you can just drown out all the noise.

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Tune in next week for more interesting stories, discoveries, and innovation in the world of smart and connected things.