Livefyre acquires Realtidbits to boost analytics


Blog commenting platform Livefyre has announced the acquisition of Realtidbits, a company that specializes in real-time applications such as Comments, Forums, Social Bridge, Pinboard and Image Galleries.

Realtidbits powers real-time engagement across 180 million page views a month, with customers including The CW Network, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones Local Media Group, The Irish Times and The Toronto Star.

Though the social aspect of Realtidbits seems to be what drew Livefyre’s attention, that’s entirely not the case as the company is more interested in its analytics technology.  Livefyre plans to integrate Realtidbits analytics technology into StreamHub, and offer it to over 550 enterprise customers.

StreamHub tracks real-time engagement, including replies, likes, social sharing and custom metrics, through integration with popular analytics packages including Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics and Mixpanel.  It currently analyzes over two billion interactions and social shares around the world, and with the addition of Realtidbits’ analytics technology, Livefyre will be able to provide more robust analytics for its customers.

In the following months, Livefyre will be migrating Realtidbits users of Comments, Forums, Gallery and Pinboard to its own platform.  All of Realtidbits team will be joining Livefyre, which is now planning to open a San Diego office.  The company is also looking to hire more people to work in its new location.

This is Livefyre’s second acquisition this year.  In September, it acquired Storify, the social curation startup.  For the most part, Storify will stay the same, but its VIP product will be integrated into Livefyre’s enterprise offering, allowing publishers and brands to blend social media into everything they do.

“We’re in a pretty acquisitive place right now,” Livefyre CEO Jordan Kretchmer said in an interview.

“We want to expand our product reach, and we’re actively exploring anything delivering on our premise of social everywhere.”