Internet freedom = innovation : Don’t let anyone tell you differently

Having some “snail paced” bullshit speed for internet connectivity is not viable internet access for innovation.

The recent debate on Net Neutrality continues to rage on with the politics of big money and government leaders taking center stage around jargon that the average citizen (Joe Sixpack) doesn’t understand.

Let me break it down for you simply:  Open Internet is GOOD; Controlled, regulated by government, with price control by large corporations is BAD.

Bottom line:  Freedom equals Open Internet.

A clash over who should decide which information flows through Internet networks — and at what price — is now before a Washington, D.C., federal appeals court in a landmark case that could grant Internet service providers (ISPs) the unfettered power to turn the information superhighway into a private toll road.

In Verizon v. Federal Communications Commission, the telecommunications giant is challenging the FCC’s authority to regulate the delivery of high-speed, high-capacity Internet access to the public. The lawsuit stems from a December 2010 FCC rule that requires wireless and wired ISPs to remain “network neutral,” meaning they not take advantage of their role as a conduit for traffic between broadband customers and outside companies in order to favor or discriminate against any lawful content or to impose fees for linking to customers through their broadband networks.

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