Good Technology makes it easy to say goodbye to BlackBerry with a free offer


Good Technology announced today that it could be picking up your tab. No, not the tab some people may be hoping for – this is about those companies that have BlackBerry users that want to move over to Good Technology. The program is called “Migrate Now” and it offers customers the opportunity to avoid additional charges if they move over to Good’s platform. There are many isolated customers hopelessly tied up in BlackBerry maintenance contracts, with budget matters tight, and unable to make that move. Until June 30th, customers can get past these financial barriers, and make the jump to Good without the hassle of any additional charges.

Some pretty big news came out about a major competitor for Good Technology, AirWatch.  The company was acquired by VMware in a move that has made some headlines.  Still, Good Technology is chugging right along on their customer success track.   Good Technology’s CEO Christy Wyatt:

“Today’s news of VMware acquiring AirWatch, and the associated valuation, is yet another signal of the strength and confidence in the enterprise mobility market.   Clearly, the net impact for customers will not be realized for many months as the companies work through any product integration strategies.  While it is exciting to see traditional desktop/enterprise vendors investing in the market, their approach of going from the desktop out to mobile is significantly different than Good, whose roots and deployments are deeply entrenched in enterprise mobility.”

A recent survey of IT managers and executives responded at a rate of 60% that indicated they were planning to migrate from Blackberry in the next three months to one year. This announcement should be good news to them and offers them an opportunity to quickly get to staging, proof-of-concept, testing, or run right into a deployment. BlackBerry was once a dominant mobile platform, but with all its troubles and an uncertain future, it can be expected that a continued flight from the systems will continue as original contracts reach full term. With this no-cost, no-payment “Migrate Now” offering, Good Technology is reaching out to a sizable community with this unique proposition.

 In addition to being recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software[1], Good Technology was also recently recognized by The 451 Group as the leading MDM vendor, with the largest number of in-use, piloted, and planned implementations, based on a recent survey.  The report explains that as device diversity continues and BlackBerry sales are on the decline, organizations are turning to Good to develop their mobile strategies and put a scalable, cross-platform security mobility solution in place.

The offer extends to Good for Enterprise (GFE), Good Collaboration Suite and Good Dynamics Secure Mobility platform. This trio of products forms one of the leading platforms in the industry, going far beyond mobile device management (MDM), delivering security, application management and protection, and collaboration tools that make mobile devices a controlled extension of the business environment. Businesses throughout the industry are looking for robust, secure and feature enabled mobile strategies and those are the exact principles that Good Technology builds their products around. Simplified email access, calendar features, document sharing, instant messaging, contact management and more – there’s a whole long wish list of items that businesses need to do securely and on a scalable, stable, proven platform.

“What we’re seeing across the industry right now is not just a migration, but a transformation, with our customers seizing the opportunity to rewrite their mobile strategies,” said Christy Wyatt. “

Wyatt also states that as a partner to businesses across the spectrum, the new program is expected to open up new relationships and extend existing business relationships as well. Good Technology’s flexible nature and continued push to develop better and better solutions for mobile needs is a force in the mobile industry.  If you’re using ActiveSync, you’re doing it wrong.  Check out Good Technology.