Apple’s website now has an Apple TV section – but where’s the new TV?

Apple TV

Since Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense, there’s been no end to rumors that Apple’s on the verge of rolling out a new TV. One idea floated around is that PrimeSense’s 3D gesture technology will be used to improved the little set-top box so users can use gesture-based controls to interact with it – for example, a wave of your hand could flip through the channels or lower the volume.

There’s no sign of any new Apple TV yet, but not so long ago the company released an update for the device that quickly backfired, rendering many Apple TV’s unusable, leaving a very sour taste in consumers’ mouths. But the good news is that we might just see a new device soon, if today’s changes on Apple’s site are a sign of something big to come.

Apple has just updated its homepage from its Apple Mac 30th anniversary tribute, to something that promotes Valentine’s Day deals.  The page is looking amorous because of all the pink and red accessories, but a few people noticed that there is now an entirely new section dedicated to the Apple TV.

Previously, the Apple TV never enjoyed the special treatment that the iPad, iPhone, Mac, and iPods had. Instead, it was tucked away in the site, categorized as an “Apple accessory”.  But the change in the site may signify Apple’s renewed focus in dominating your living room.

The new Apple TV page features the device, as well as sections for its accessories, AppleCare, refurbished Apple TVs, and a community Q&A. The launch of this page could herald the launch of a newer, much improved Apple TV soon.

Apple Insider’s sources claim that the company is considering fusing Apple TV and its AirPort Express products, which will be integrated with a 802.11ac wireless router. Other sources claimed that the new version will be able to play games that can be controlled using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. If these claims are true, the Apple TV may have similar features to the Roku 3, which wouldn’t be at all bad, considering how many people love this device for its versatility in providing various forms of home entertainment.

Another rumor says that the Apple TV will come with a built-in TV tuner, which will allow users to control their existing cable box or TV using the Apple TV interface. Much like the now defunct Google TV…

These rumors, if true, suggest that Apple has been rather sneaky, carefully studying which kinds of features people want to see in their TVs, and choosing the most popular for its own device.

We don’t know for certain if we’ll see a new Apple TV any time soon, nor do we know if it’ll come with the features mentioned above, but Apple is long said to have been testing prototypes internally.