The crowd roared at #SB48 + the commercials list

Missed all the ads during the SuperBowl?  Twitter put together a nice list of ads that can be viewed and voted on for favorites in something Twitter calls #adscrimmage. The notion of voting on the #hashtag? Very Crowdchat like.

During the SuperBowl  the crowd roared more than 24.9 million times on Twitter.  These were tweets about the pregame, the game and the halftime show.  Hashtags were used in 57 percent of nationally-run Super Bowl ads, up from 50 percent in 2013 and setting a new record. Facebook was the social network most mentioned, though barely. It had only five mentions and just edged past Twitter with four.

Twitter will release detailed analysis of how the live television broadcast performed on Twitter through Nielsen Twitter TV Rating.  The data will be available beginning Monday at 1pm EST. This report includes data on the number of unique Twitter accounts that tweeted about the games (in the U.S.) and the live reach of the program (impressions).

Danny Sullivan of has a great write up of the state of the digital strategies for the Superbowl here.

Here is the list of ads in running order with the social media execution listed next to it:

  1. Bud Light: #UpForWhatever
  2. Maserati
  3. Doritos: #Doritos
  4. Chevy: #SilveradoStrong
  5. Need For Speed: #NFSMovie (and YouTube URL)
  6. TurboTax
  7. Bud Light: #UpForWhatever (Shazam)
  8. Beats (URL, iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone)
  9. Red: #Connect4Red
  10. Hyundai (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & URL)
  11. Cheerios
  12. Squarespace
  13. RadioShack (Twitter)
  14. Chevy (URL)
  15. GoDaddy: #LiveYourDream (and URL)
  16. Bud Light (URL & Shazam)
  17. TMobile: #nocontract (and Facebook, URL)
  18. WeatherTech (URL)
  19. Transformers
  20. VW: #VW
  21. Wonderful Pistachios (URL)
  22. H&M: #BeckhamforHM (and URL)
  23. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: #SpiderMan (and URL)
  24. CarMax: #slowclap #slowbark
  25. Geico
  26. M&M
  27. Coca-Cola: #AmericaIsBeautiful
  28. Sonos: #sonos
  29. Toyota (URL)
  30. Subway (URL, Twitter & Facebook)
  31. Jeep: #stayrestless (and URL)
  32. Crackle/Seinfeld (URL)
  33. Audi: #StayUncompromised
  34. Intuit/GoldieBlox: #TeamSmallBiz
  35. TMobile: #nocontract (and Facebook, URL)
  36. Axe: #KissForPeace
  37. Chobani: #HowMatters
  38. Kia (URL)
  39. Sprint: #framily (and URL)
  40. Heinz: #ifyourehappy
  41. Honda: #hugfest
  42. Budweiser: #salute
  43. Chrysler: #AmericansImport (and URL)
  44. Coca-Cola: #AmericaIsBeautiful
  45. Butterfinger: #cuptherapy
  46. Microsoft: #empowering (and URL)
  47. Hyundai: #NiceHashtag (and Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & URL)
  48. Jaguar: #GoodToBeBad (and URL, Shazam)
  49. Dannon
  50. T-Mobile (URL)
  51. SodaStream
  52. Budweiser: #BestBuds
  53. GoDaddy: #ItsGoTime
  54. Doritos: #Doritos

The battle for the “social screen” is in full force.  The new generation of users are watching with their devices with their friends.   The article has more information and drills down on the digital execution of each ad.

Bottom line for advertising:  watching an event with a group of people is now extending into the “social virtual space.”  Every person under 30 who I interviewed told me that this is their preferred user experience.  Why?  They want to be connected to their friends and see what they are talking about in context to the event.

Connecting around media is the new user experience.