Apple TV to be unveiled in April, iPhone 6 will come in two flavors

appletv_heroNew evidence has surfaced about Apple’s TV plan. There’s been much speculation recently following the revamped Apple site that now features a section dedicated for Apple TV, and references to the said device unearthed in iOS 7, and now there’s reports that Apple is in talks with content providers.

The report comes from Bloomberg, and claims that Apple will be unveiling its new set-top box this April – just in time for the spring season. Meanwhile, Bloomberg also claims that the company is working on delivering more content to users.

Apple is said to be in talks with Time Warner Cable, which would allow Apple TV users to access more live TV content. With news of Comcast acquiring TWC, Apple may have fewer steps to undergo in order to bring more content to its set-top box, as it already has an existing deal with Comcast and DirecTV. Right now, it’s possible to access content from both providers using an Apple TV so long as you’re subscribed to their services and use their login credentials. Apple has been urging the two companies to allow Apple TV users to use their iTunes account in accessing programs, instead of their Comcast or DirecTV credentials, but both companies are choosing to keep their customer information separate from Apple.

If you’re wondering what TWC’s app would look like on an Apple TV, you can check out the TWC TV app for iPad. Of course, you’ll need a TWC subscription to access any content on it. At the moment, the TWC TV app offers almost everything your set-top box offers.

In other Apple news, the company is said to be sticking with its plan of releasing two different iPhones come this September. According to leaked photos that surfaced, Apple will be releasing 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones, though the colorful iPhone 5c model will be discontinued as it didn’t sell as well as expected.

A leaked photo shows an alleged rear casing of the iPhone 6, and it appears to be slimmer, larger, and have rounder edges compared to the iPhone 5S. The rear casing shows Apple’s camera and flash ports, though there’s no significant design change.

The display will be larger, as stated above, and there’s a possibility that it will be bezel-free, and will use a sapphire glass screen, as evidenced by GT Advance Technologies’ decision to ramp up production of this component. Apple and GTAT struck a deal in the past and the Cupertino company has used sapphire crystal in its camera lens as well as its Touch ID.