CloudBees pockets $11M for enterprise Java PaaS

cloudbees mobile devCloudBees announced this morning that it has secured $11.2 million in a third round of funding led by the investment arm of Verizon, with which it partnered earlier this year. New investor Blue Cloud Ventures and existing backers Matrix Partners and LightSpeed Venture Partners also contributed to the funding, which brings the total raised to $25.7 million. Not bad for a four-year-old startup.

CloudBees said that the capital will be used to grow sales, expand into new markets and fuel the development of its flagship offering, a platform-as-a-service solution that provides an integrated stack for building and testing business applications. The firm is focused exclusively on Java, the dominant programming language in the enterprise, and supports Spring, Scala, Groovy and other widely-used technologies in the surrounding ecosystem.

The CloudBees platform is also integrated with the Git and Subversion (SVN) revision control systems to allow for private private source repositories, features a hosted database that can be scaled as needed, and doesn’t make it nearly as difficult to migrate applications to another cloud as some of its bigger competitors. It also offers full support for the Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) tool, which helps developers test for bugs in large code bases.

“PaaS and continuous delivery are transforming the way enterprises create business applications and deliver value to the business by accelerating the way applications are built and deployed,” said Sacha Labourey, the founder and chief executive officer of CloudBees.

“CloudBees is at the center of this evolution and we are excited to have a group with the stature of Verizon Ventures lead our Series C investment round. We will invest in initiatives that continue to improve our platform and strengthen our go to market capabilities,” he added.