iOS 7.1 arriving any day now, in time for iTunes Festival at SXSW

medium_9873781113SXSW 2014 is kicking off later this week, and if you’ve ever been to this event, you’ll know that it has three parts to it, namely: Interactive, Music, and Film. Music will be held on March 11-16 and in line with this, Apple will be bringing its iTunes Festival to the US for the first time.

The iTunes Festival has staged free, live gigs in London since 2007, but this is the first time Apple will be streaming live concert on iTunes for those in the US. The iTunes Festival at SXSW will be taking over ACL Live at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas, and will feature top performers such as Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Keith Urban, Pitbull, to name a few.

The iTunes Festival allows you to see performances live or immediately after the act, accesible on the iTunes Store. They can also be viewed using your Apple TV, or streamed via AirPlay using the official iTunes Festival app.

if you’re wondering what the hell the iTunes Festival app is, that’s because it isn’t live yet, and there’s a good reason why.

According to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, a “little birdie” told him that the app is only compatible with iOS 7.1, and since the update hasn’t been released, the app hasn’t been released.

The iTunes Festival will be kicking off on March 12, so this means we can expect to see iOS 7.1 any day now. The app will probably launch on the same day the update is released.

Since the launch of iOS 7, many fanbois experienced multiple issues after updating their devices, and they’ve been waiting for an update that fixes all these bugs.  The beta version of iOS 7.1 has been available to developers for some months now which makes fanbois hopeful that this will finally resolve the most pressing issues of iOS 7 such as quick battery draining, security flaws, screen of death, and all the other little bugs.

photo credit: Jan Persiel via photopin cc