Delphix comes out with a “magic pill” for data center modernization

infrastructure hyperscale architecture abstract geometricThe dramatic increase in the volume and variety of information is outstripping the capabilities of traditional data management systems, leaving CIOs scrambling to put new solutions in place and build out their analytics infrastructure. And the bigger company, the bigger challenge. In the enterprise, mission-critical data is scattered across hundreds of applications and databases that have to be individually moved off legacy hardware before anything of value can be accomplished.

The complexity and high cost of migrations have made data center modernization a $50 billion market, which Delphix hopes to turn on its head with a new solution that automates the bulk of the plumbing work associated with liberating corporate information from aging IT silos. The Silicon Valley data virtualization startup claims that its software can greatly speed up the process while reducing operational risks.

Built on version 4.0 of the company’s much-touted Agile Data Platform, the Delphix Modernization Engine allows customers to preserve virtual copies of their antiquated processes including all related configuration files and scripts. App states can be saved just before migration efforts or after business events such as quarter close or notice of litigation holds to ensure that the latest data is easily accessible in case of an audit, eliminating the need to spend resources on maintaining legacy systems solely for the purpose of compliance.

“Businesses accumulate applications on a variety of aging systems over years of operation, which can result in management complexity and a large boat anchor of run-rate expenses,” said Jedidiah Yueh, the founder and CEO of Delphix. “With Agile Data and our Modernization Engine, IT organizations have an opportunity to dramatically reduce run-rate expenses and convert the savings into innovation, which can make businesses leaner and more competitive.”

The so-called Live Archive capability of the product is joined by a data transformation feature that can cut the time it takes to migrate Unix services to Linux by up to 80 percent, the firm said. This not only accelerates on-premise modernization initiatives but also paves a path towards the public cloud, where Amazon and others believe that the majority of enterprise workloads will soon live.

The Delphix Modernization Engine is available immediately. The company boasts that one of the world’s biggest banks has used the solution to save $1 billion and 520 work-years by reducing the time needed to modernize each of its 2,500 databases from three months each to just two weeks.

photo credit: Ardonik via photopin cc