Smart chargers that won’t literally won’t leave you hanging

This week’s SmartDevice roundup features devices to keep your gadgets charged and a new Bluetooth tracking device for your most important things.



Most of us have experienced leaving our USB cables when we go on a trip, forget to unplug it, or have even had our smartphone or tablet stolen that one time we decided it was a good idea to plug up at our favorite coffee shop.

ChargerLeash aims to eliminate the hassle of constantly forgetting to pack your USB cable, which prevents you from charging your device or syncing it to a computer.  It has a built-in alarm that alerts you when you disconnect your device so you won’t forget to unplug it, put it in your travelling bag, or be alerted when someone takes your phone while being charged in a coffee shop.

ChargerLeash is available in different styles to accommodate various devices.  MicroUSB to USB charger costs $22.99, Apple 30-pin to USB cable costs $26.99, Lightning costs $34.99, and if you’re juggling multiple devices, ChargerLeash has a model that comes with multi-tips for $34.99.


Smartwatches that let you perform various tasks are nice, but how about a watch that keeps your smartphone charged when you need it?

The Carbon smartwatch

The Carbon smartwatch

Carbon is a wearable solar charger for your smartphone, recently launched on Kickstarter.  It comes in an analog + solar charger combo, or just a solar charger that you can strap on your wrist.  It harvests energy from indoor and outdoor light source so power is available when you need it.

You can also charge Carbon using a USB cable.  The little screw on Carbon unhinges to reveal a port where you can connect a mini charger cable to connect your device, or connect it to a computer.  It has a button that when pressed allows you to see battery charge level, activate charging, turn the mini flashlight and/or safety strobe on or off.


Another Bluetooth tracker launched on Kickstarter claiming to be the most affordable, secure, and feature-rich tracker.  Dubbed the PebbleBee, the device pairs with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices, so users can track their things right on their smartphone.

PebbleBee is water-resistant, has a battery that lasts up to three years and can easily be replaced by the user, has a range of 150 feet, and a rubber button that can be configured to trigger actions on your smartphone to make it ring or call your favorite contacts.

The PebbleBee Hornet features motion tracking, temperature sensing and location tracking, and also allows users to set range alerts and location triggers. You can share PebbleBee with friends or the community to track lost items, use other devices to track your items, and view data in real-time.